Behind the Lines Available for Preorder on Amazon

Behind the Lines, the first book in Chris’s new trilogy, Ganog Wars, is now available for preorder on Amazon!

Behind the Lines

Mankind’s newest fleet has just been obliterated. Attacked without warning, enemy unknown. Their last transmission originated from a world on the edge of known space.

Alpha Company is dispatched to investigate. They’re the best of the best. Hardcore warriors piloting battle-tested mechs, they’ve never lost an engagement.

Until they arrive on Ganog 7.

Now, shattered and stuck behind enemy lines, the remnants of Alpha Company struggle to survive. Between them and escape stand three Planetstriders, thousand meter monstrosities capable of destroying an orbiting capital ship.

In order to survive, they must disable these titanic war machines, an impossible task made even more difficult by the discovery of a terrible secret – one that must reach fleet command, no matter the cost.

The Ganog Wars trilogy is the product of his newest project, 12 Weeks to a Trilogy. Sign up for the mailing list and get the prequel, Planetsrider, for free!

Week 8: Planetstrider is Live

For week 8 of 12 Weeks to a Trilogy, Chris talks about his prequel, Planetstrider. After giving an update on his status at week 8, he discusses how he uses Planetstrider as a complimentary book to function as a reader magnet for the series. How do you use a reader magnet to drive interest in a series before publishing it? Check out the video below for more details!

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast #127 Featuring Chris Fox

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast recently interviewed Chris Fox. Highlights included:

  • What Chris has been up to since finishing his Void Wraith Trilogy, the military SF he wrote to market last year, and how it ended up doing overall.
  • Why he’s writing a trilogy in 12 weeks and planning to release the books in rapid succession.
  • Some of the benefits of writing more than the first novel in a series before publishing any of them.
  • The importance of taking time off and taking time for passion projects.
  • Strategies for launching into crowded niches.
  • Whether Chris will do 99 cents for his launch of Book 1.
  • Using Facebook and Amazon ads to find a target audience and whether they’re proving effective (and affordable) right now.
  • Why it’s worthwhile to think about your character names instead of just throwing things out there.
  • Accountability tricks for sticking to one’s goals.
  • Launching a novel when you haven’t built up a list yet.
  • Why you might not want to tell everyone you know about your new novel — the confusing effect that can have on Amazon’s algorithms.
  • Relaunching a novel or series that didn’t do well out of the blocks.

Listen to the full interview on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast!

Week 7: Dealing With Setbacks

Everyone has setbacks, even those who seem to have it all figured out. In this week’s video, Chris talks about how he has dealt with some of his own setbacks this week. First he gives an update on his progress on 12 Weeks to a Trilogy. Next he talks about how he has handled losing time due to doing his taxes this week, and the unfortunate discovery that his ads had started losing money. Want to hear more? Watch the video below!

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Week 6: The Advantages of Back-to-Back Writing

In today’s video, Chris talks about the advantages of writing books in a series back-to-back. Writing book 2 in 12 Weeks to a Trilogy before editing book 1 has allowed him to have a better sense of the world and where the characters are going, which can make the changes in editing for book 1 much richer. Check out the details in the video below, along with his progress on editing and updates on world building.

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Week 4: Launch Scheduling

This week, Chris talks about how he schedules his book launches in his latest video. Along with an update on his progress on 12 Weeks to a Trilogy, he discusses planning his schedule for finishing drafts, editing, and sending the edited drafts to his editor to ensure that he hits his target publishing dates. Check out the video for more details!

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