Here you’ll find artwork devoted to my fiction. Feel free to download it for use as a desktop or in your roleplaying game, but if I find you trying to make money off it I’m sending werewolves after you! You can click the images to get full res copies.


Osiris overlooking Stone Henge (Vampires Don’t Sparkle)



Blair-wolf outside The Mother’s Ark (No Such Thing As Werewolves)

No Such Thing As Werewolves


Isis before she became The Mother (The First Ark)



Zombified Trevor near The Golden Gate Bridge (No Mere Zombie)



The Last Neanderthal holding the Primary Access Key

Potential final


Yukon and the Great Pack

The Great Pack


The Ganog Wars

Planetstrider and Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines


Hold the Lines

Hold the Lines


  • Wonderful book

  • I love your stuff, Chris!
    Who did your artwork? Can you link them? Their stuff is beautiful and I’d love to see more.

    • Thanks, Shei! My art was done by Nikolai Ostertag, and his Deviant Art page is linked in a recent blog post on the main page. He’s just incredible, and he’s always available for more custom work =D

      • Gorgeous stuff! Thanks for the response. I really love the art for “The First Ark” though they’re all incredible. 🙂

  • Awesome series. It’s been a long time since I’ve been attracted to such a series as most seem to revolve around the a-typical fantasy Tolkien-esque realm. The others involving zombies are the typical end of the world walking dead type.

    The current trend in vampire wear wolf stuff seems to be a continuation of Anne Rice romance or *yuck Twilight young teen….. I can’t say how much I appreciate a well written humorous and insightful twist on all of it. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Bill! I’ve been searching for a new genre, and when I couldn’t find what I was looking for I decided to write it myself. So glad that you and others seem to be looking for the same thing!

  • Hello Chris,

    My mom and I love your books and are currently reading “Vampires Don’t Sparkle”. I am an artist and I am wondering if you could give me some insight on the process of how you get your artwork done for your covers. The reason I ask is because I was recently approached by an author who wants me to illustrate their cover for them. They want me specifically and I said yes but I am unsure of how I go about getting paid for my work. I know that there are flat rates that I can charge, but with published works there is usually a contract involved, so on and so forth. I was wondering if you had any knowledge of how this works since the artwork for your books is done by an artist as well. Also, again, I love your work and am planning on doing some fan art as well. Were do I submit them so that you can see them?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    All the best…or beast! HA!

    • Hi Marcus! Shoot me an email to Chris@chrisfoxwrites.com and I’m happy to answer questions.

      I have quite a few author friends, and a pretty good idea of what people are charging for both cover art, and typography =)


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