How to Write Great Antagonists

Today’s video is the third in the character series, and it discusses how to craft a compelling antagonist. Here’s a quick summary. There are three basic things you need to do for antagonists:

  1. Demonstrate their power. Whether your antagonist is a killer shark or an enemy general, you need to showcase why the hero should be terrified of them.
  2. Explain their motivation. Why is your antagonist doing what they’re doing? Sharks need to eat. The enemy general may believe your protagonist’s nation needs to be cleansed from the earth because they are an affront to his god. Whatever the motivation is, make sure the reader understands it clearly. This will help them understand the villain, even as they come to hate them.
  3. (Optional) Give them a Character Arc. Most great antagonists have a character arc. They change and grow over the course of a book (or series). The example Chris uses in the video is Darth Vader, but you can apply it to almost any memorable antagonist. How about Loki from The Avengers? The next time you watch Thor 2, consider how he changes by the end.

For more details and further explanation, check out the video below!

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2016 Earnings Report

Curious about how much money you can make as a self published author? In this week’s video, Chris breaks down exactly how much money he makes from his books on various platforms throughout the year, and how much of that money he gets to take home. You’ll also see trends for how well his different types of books do and what effect release date has on sales. Check out the details below:

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