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Writing Craft


How to Edit Your Novel

A video series showing the steps to edit a full novel.

How to Outline Your Novel

A video series demonstrating how to outline a novel from concept to full execution. Uses the prequel story Exiled as an example.


How to Write Great Characters

A video series that includes tips and insights on writing memorable characters.



A video series on how to create interesting and complex worlds for your books.




Motivation for Writers

An ongoing series to help you find the motivation and discipline needed to get your butt in that chair every day.


Launching to Market

This video series documents the launch of the 21 Day Novel Challenge novel, Destroyer.


Write to Market

A video series discussing keywords and categories, finding a hungry genre and risk versus reward. I also answer some viewer questions, and rant a little.


Relaunch Your Novel

A short video series that demonstrates how to relaunch existing books that you want to perform better.


Mailing Lists for Authors

In this video series, Chris shows how to manage a mailing list to efficiently reach your readers.


Writing Challenges


21 Day Novel Challenge

Chris wrote and edited a 64,000 word novel in three weeks. The videos in this series show every step of the process, including screenshares of the Scrivener file.


12 Weeks to a Trilogy

This video series documents the process of writing and publishing a science fiction trilogy in 12 weeks. It also includes helpful tips about topics such as cover art, characters, world building, scheduling, and more.


15 Day Novel Challenge

A video series for a project in which Chris writes and edits a full novel in 15 working days. He shows many details of his writing process on a day-to-day basis.