I’ve written a number of articles at places like Kboards, and many people suggested I compile them as a resource for writers. I figured, why not? Hope these are useful!

How Gamification Will Dramatically Increase Your Word Count

10x Thinking: Applying startup methodology to indie publishing

Marketing Principles: Part 1 – The Fundamentals

Marketing Principles: Part 2 – Passive Marketing

Marketing Principles: Part 3 – Paid Advertising

Marketing is Farming Not Hunting

Dungeons and Dragons and Reader Psychology


Also check out my videos on writing and my Writing Challenges.


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  • Wondering if you had any advice on the proper formatting of a novel? I’ve recently finished writing my first novel and have done, like I’ve seen you do, written a short as incentive for signing with a mailing list.
    But I didn’t want to publish my novel and find out that some technical aspect like formatting wasn’t taken into account merely because of my lack of understanding.
    I work through scriviner. Is there a specific method you use to get proper ebook formatting?

    • I can help answer this. Chris uses Scrivener for writing, and until recently was using it for formatting ebooks. However, he’s run into a lot of issues with it. So he switched to using a program called Vellum for the actual formatting. It produces very beautiful pages and is pretty easy to use too. Chris talks about it in this video:

      • Thank you!

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