Lisa Fox

Hi everyone, I’m Chris’s wife, Lisa. I’ve been helping Chris with some of his behind the scenes publishing, and have discovered that I enjoy book formatting. If you’re like Chris and would rather spend more time writing and less time messing around with different book formats for publishing, I can help you! I can work directly from a Scrivener file and output nicely formatted books in a variety of different formats for both eBooks and paperbacks.


  • $100 for a single book
  • Hourly fee for later revisions

What you get

  • Beautifully formatted eBooks in the following formats:
    • MOBI (Kindle/Amazon)
    • Generic EPUB (iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, etc)
  • A similarly styled pdf for print in the paperback size of your choice (great for use with CreateSpace)
  • Built in table of contents
  • Optional features like a dedication, copyright, “About the Author” page and more

What you need

  • Scrivener file or Word document containing your book
  • A cover image (to be embedded in the eBook)

Note: My services do not include any editing. I only do formatting of the content you give me.

If you’re interested or have questions, send me an email below:

Want to try formatting yourself? I use Vellum for formatting. It creates beautiful books, but is currently Mac only. If you have a Mac, you can try it out for free. Maybe you’ll enjoy formatting too!


  • Lisa Hannan Fox was spectacular in her meticulous transformation of my manuscript into a book ready for upload to Kindle, Createspace etc.

    This is my first attempt to publish and her expertise was much appreciated.


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