Lisa Fox

Hi everyone, I’m Chris’s wife, Lisa. I’ve been helping Chris with some of his behind the scenes publishing, and have discovered that I enjoy book formatting. If you’re like Chris and would rather spend more time writing and less time messing around with different book formats for publishing, I can help you! I can work directly from a Scrivener or Word file and output nicely formatted books in a variety of different formats for both eBooks and paperbacks.

For more information or to contact me, check out Fox Formatting.


  • Lisa Hannan Fox was spectacular in her meticulous transformation of my manuscript into a book ready for upload to Kindle, Createspace etc.

    This is my first attempt to publish and her expertise was much appreciated.

  • I am subscribed to the nonfiction list. But i couldn’t find any link to download or read a book “5000 words per hour”. Is it dead?


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