No Such thing As WerewolvesFrontCover was birthed by a single question. Where does mankind come from?

The earliest modern human took her first steps roughly 200,000 years ago. Her descendants didn’t leave Africa until around 60,000 years ago. Yet the earliest known culture started about 7,000 years ago. What happened during that 53 millennia gap?

What if cultures existed tens of thousands of years earlier? Their remains could have been swallowed by time. It’s even possible that some traces remain, but that we misattribute them to newer civilizations.

Take the Sphinx for example. Geologist Robert Schoch maintains that the structure is many thousands of years older than we assume. In the documentary Mystery of the Sphinx he provides evidence of millennia long water erosion, something that could only have occurred when Egypt had a radically different climate. If his theory is accurate that would put the construction of the Sphinx near the end of the last ice age, roughly 13,000 years ago. It may be even older than that.

No pharaoh took credit for its construction, which is odd since they loved to brag about temples and monuments like the great pyramids. Most scholars assume it was built by Khafre, but no hard evidence supports this. So what if the Sphinx is far older than we assume? If so, who built it?

No Such Thing as Werewolves offers my hypothetical answer.  What if a highly advanced culture had existed? What if their technology gave rise to legends of fantastic creatures? Creatures like werewolves.

I researched everything from helio-seismology to genetics to archeology to create my fictional culture. My goal was to present a werewolf that was scientifically plausible, and much to my surprise this turned out to be easier than I expected.

Did you know that wolves have the most malleable DNA of any mammal? Nearly every breed of dog has been created by man in the last 200 years.

2,000 years before the earliest known culture the fantastic ruins of Gobekli Tepe were buried in what is now modern day Turkey. Who built it? Why was it buried? We have no idea.

I built on these facts and many others when writing the novel. It’s my hope that after you read it you’ll believe everything it contains could happen, even though there’s no such thing as werewolves.

The Origin of Man (and Werewolves)


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