• Congrats Chris! Well done. I know producing a book from start to finish is no easy feat.

    • Thanks, Adam! Book 2 was a lot of easier than Book 1, but still quite a bit of effort. It’s definitely a labor of love though. So what are you working on currently?

      • It came out of my research of Alex Haley. It’s the backstory of how integration occurred during spring training in Florida, nearly 15 years after Jackie Robinson integrated MLB. Spring training may have been integrated on the field, but once the game was over, black ballplayers couldn’t stay at the team’s hotel and were sent to the “other” side of town–until a black physician took a stand and said he wouldn’t house them anymore!….By the way, being a fellow Bay Area resident, I’d like to connect with you and other indie-minded authors. I’m going to look into tabling at the ALA’s annual conference, which will be @ Moscone this year. If you’re interested, maybe we can meet up and have a pow wow.

  • I’ve considered doing a local indie meetup. I know of at least two others outside of us, and I’m sure there are dozens more. I’ll look into the ALA conference, but I’d love to link up for lunch before then.

    Looks like your book has quite a bit of critical acclaim by the way. Are you parlaying that into speaking gigs? Seems like that would be very popular in the bay area. At least one of my co-workers at CellScope knows who you are. She’d love to see you speak live.

    • Lunch sounds good. We’ll start small and see where it goes. Maybe in March & meet midway in, say, Palo Alto? Let’s continue this through email: info@adamhenig.com.

      Yeah, I’ve already had a talk in Walnut Creek last October. Went very well–sold 40 books! The next one will be in June in my hometown, Castro Valley, and then another in San Jose. Wish I could do more, but it’s tough to find time w/family and a F/T job. Have your colleague email me & I’ll keep her posted on future book talks.


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