• Wow, congrats Chris! This is a majory coup! You will have to tell how this joint effort came about. I mean all the deets, like did you about fall out of the chair when you got the call/email?

    • Thanks, KB! I reached out to Mark Tufo to thank him for being such an inspiration. I first heard him on the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast right when I was getting ready to publish No Such Thing As Werewolves. He showed me that it was possible to do well writing about werewolves and zombies.

      His reply to my Facebook message was that he loved my book and oh by the way he had a box set coming out next month. Would I like to be in it? My response was something like ohmygodhellyesI’dloveto!!!!!11111!!

      It was that simple! I’d planned on putting together a box set, but now I get all the perks with none of the work. Mark’s amazing wife Tracy put the whole thing together. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it.

  • Nice!! I really like the cover.


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