I’ve attached a link to Ryan’s ‘audition’ for No Mere Zombie. I put audition in quotes, because all narrators are forced to audition even though we all know Ryan’s got the job. He’ll be doing all my books, because he’s awesome and we all know it!

Anyway, the first section of the audition is a tongue in cheek ‘previously on deathless’ section I put in to remind people what happened in the last book. I figured that would be handy for those of you who haven’t read book 1 in a while. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

If you don’t laugh at this you have no soul


  • Ryan is so funny! I really wish he had would have been the narrator for The Iron Druid books.

    • That would have been awesome! He’d have really done Oberon justice (that was the dog’s name, right?).


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