I’ve created my first box set, which feels like a pretty big milestone. I still can’t believe that I’ve written almost 400,000 words in the Deathless Universe!

The set is available on Amazon as of this morning, is up over at Audible, and I’ll be uploading it to iTunes today. I know most of you have purchased all the individual books, but if you haven’t read the series this is a great inexpensive way to get into it!

Deathless-Collection-2D-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Deathless Collection is live


    • Thanks, man!

  • Coming to the end of VDS (book 3) and we only seem to be getting further and further from a neat ending. What’s next?

    • The next book is called The Great Pack and will be out around June. I’d originally wanted to end it as a trilogy, but fans were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the series going.


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