• Hi Chris, inspired by your challenge I have begun my own version. As a new author my plan is to ‘up’ my production although I doubt I will get to your amazing word count anytime soon! So far I have manage 1,000 words on my 1hr commute to work – not very fast I know! Do you flesh out your whole book first? I’m thinking I don’t have enough detail (used Libby Hawkers book like you recommended) as seem to spend a lot of time thinking. Do you also intend to use Dragon to get your words down for this challenge as my typos are so bad I think when I review my work it may be unintelligible! Do you also edit as you go along to avoid not being able to dechiper what you thought you had written?
    Wishing you much success in this project,
    Warm regards

    • Hi Lynette,

      I do try to flesh out as much as possible, but the plot definitely evolves as I write. Tomorrow’s video shows some of what I’ve already changed or added. I don’t edit as I go. You’ll get to see my process for that in week three. I’ll be doing a single in depth editing pass.


      • Wicked hair! Keep the faith, you’re doing great. I’m struggling on the days I work from home as I don’t have the same incentive as when I travel into London. My word count has definitely dropped. Really enjoyed the video of your plot development. Is your typing really accurate? Struggling with pace versus stopping and correcting a billion typos!

  • I’m struggling with the typo thing, too. I put myself under pressure to produce words and am wondering if I should slow down a bit and let the word count kind of float for a time while I get used to doing mini sprints and regular sprints. Or maybe I’ll just stick with mini sprints until I calm down a bit. Advice?

    • I found micro sprints to be the best way to practice. Do everything perfectly for five minutes, and do it over and over. That will build the kind of muscle memory we need to do longer sprints.

      That said, try to experiment. What works for me (or anyone else) may not work perfectly for you. Experimentation is huge, and allows each of us to build a unique system for writing.

  • Thank you. Congrats on your new full time writing life. Best!


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