If you’re not familiar with the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule), I’m hoping today’s video will provide some useful tips.

The read through is done. The characters are created. I’m just about ready to rock the final edit.

21 Day Novel Challenge Day 15- The Pareto Principle.


  • This was an awesome post. Love the 80/20 rule reminder. You mentioned in a previous video that you have a mastermind group. Can you tell me what is discussed in your group? My writer friends and I are starting one. Thanks!

    • That’s really up to the mastermind (I’m in two), but the goal should be to share your goals with the group, then have the group work to keep everyone accountable.

      If you say you’re going to write 35,000 words this week, then people need to ask you if that happened in the next meeting. It should be a place where people can ask hard questions that will help all members grow.

      What it should not be is a place for back patting. That won’t help anyone achieve their aims, and I’ve seen it actually hurt people when it convinced them that their book was good enough when it wasn’t.

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