Today’s video is the longest I’ve recorded, weighing in at nearly 17 minutes. I apologize for the length, but there was a lot to cover. I discussed the Smarter Artist Summit, Facebook ads, mailing list growth, and did a Q&A section. There’s also a DayQuil fueled rant or two.

Now that we’re a ways into this launch what else can I show you that will be useful? I can go more in depth with Facebook ads, and am happy to show my experiences with Amazon ads. I’ll be tinkering a lot with both over the next few weeks.

Launch to Market Part 3: Smarter Artist, Facebook Ads, & Destroyer Kicking Ass


  • Have you found Amazon ads to be helpful? Like… at all? I remember someone on Lindsay Buroker’s blog said he was doing ok with them but the general concensus seems to be that they don’t really work. To be fair, that’s what most people said about Facebook ads before Mark Dawson figured out how to make them work.

    • I tried several months back with no luck.

      I’m giving it a second try now, but it’s too early to say how effective they are. I’ve had a few sales, so that’s something.

  • More marketing videos, please Chris! We want to know how you’re keeping the book in the Top 1000.

    • Sure thing. Spoilers for the next video, ads aren’t doing much. They’re accounting for a minority of sales, but I suspect I wouldn’t lose much rank if I turned them off entirely.

      I’m determined to keep testing though, and I’ll show all that stuff in the next LTM video!

  • So, pretty much the technique is:
    A) Write a book in a low-competition, high demand sub-genre.
    B) Do about a week of pre-orders to stimulate algorithms and
    C) Send it to your mailing list a few hundred at a time so sales rise instead of peak all at once.

    Other than that, just Amazon take over. Right?

    • I’d add D) use every lever you have to get the book in front of your target readers so your also bought items point in the right direction.

      But other than that, you’ve got it. Amazon is largely taking over.

  • Love your site Chris and your tips. Keep up the good work!


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