• I read your 5000 Words Per Hour book over the weekend and loved it. Started my 5 minute sprints yesterday. Hit 1824 words day 1 and 2436 words today.
    I’m a compulsive self-editor as I write and your technique has been the only thing I’ve found that keeps me writing without editing. This is a game changer for me. You’re awesome.

  • I have your app for sprints and word counting on my old ipad which I passed on to my husband. Now I find that the app is no longer available at the Apple app store. Is it available anywhere? I truly love it and I’m having trouble replacing it with anything else. Don’t know why, just love, I guess. If it’s not available anywhere now, is there any chance it will be in the future?

  • where is the app. I’m here and working, but can’t find your app.
    Thanks for. your help


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