I went through a reading dry spell for several years where I’m not sure I picked up more than two books. That’s horrifying considering back in high school I used to devour a book a day. All that changed when I discovered Audible.com.

Suddenly I could download a book wherever I happened to be and listen to it while driving. Or hiking. Or working out. Or walking. Or grocery shopping. Just like that I was back into reading in a BIG way. I started listening to at least one book a week. It reminded me how much I loved reading, and for the last several years my audio library has swelled.

Now I finally get to add to that library. No Such Thing As Werewolves is now an audiobook, and has just made it through QC. It will be live in just a few days!

Creating the audiobook was far simpler than I ever would have expected. Amazon has a company called ACX (Amazon Creative Exchange) that pairs up authors and narrators. All I had to do was post a chapter and the auditions came rolling in by the truck load.

I settled on Ryan Burke, who did an amazing job bringing the characters to life. He uses a full range of emotion and gives each character their own distinct accent and cadence. It took him about three weeks to record the entire thing, and another week for me to listen to it and tag corrections. Ryan fixed the few errors, and just like we were done.

The finished product is absolutely amazing, and I am beyond thrilled that I get to listen to my own novel. It’s too early to really predict anything, but I firmly believe people will love it. I’ve attached a sample. What do you think?

Adventures in Audiobooks

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