Most days I still pinch myself to see if this whole author thing is still true. It’s been a goal for decades, and the idea that I’ve published a novel still floors me. What is even more surreal is that people seem to like it.

So much so that one of my beta readers for No Mere Zombie took it upon herself to create artwork for some of the characters. I find this incredibly humbling, because Kristi Benton (KB to her friends) gave up her own time to bring Trevor, Irakesh, Centia and Sobek to life. How awesome is that?


Trevor & Cyntia around the campfire



Sobek being creepy



Irakesh creating an Anakim


First Ever Fan Art


  • You have fan art – I’m so jealous! That’s just awesome. 🙂

    • I’m still blown away by it. I have six more pieces I haven’t posted yet =O


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