First Ark New CoverBack in October when I conceived of The First Ark I had a totally different idea for the cover. The story involves the last neanderthal, so I asked Nikoloai to give me a cover showing one.

The winged staff he’s holding is the Primary Access Key for the Ark behind him, and the same Isis has on the final version of the cover.

I loved the neanderthal, but the Ark lost a lot of the mystique I felt it had on the cover of No Such Thing As Werewolves. I may still have used it, but I realized that The First Ark is Isis’s tale. It was fitting that she grace the cover.

Now I’m left with this great piece that is otherwise unused, so I figured why not share it with you guys?

Potential final

Alternate cover art for The First Ark


  • I love it!!!

    • Thanks, KB! I do too. Especially the neanderthal.


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