No Mere Zombie comes out on Friday. Holy. Crap. My second novel is about to go live.

I’ve decided to put the ebook version of No Such Thing As Werewolves on sale for 99 cents to celebrate, and when I say celebrate what I really mean is to goose the Amazon algorithms to raise the book rank so more people see the sequel.

If you know someone who hasn’t read it (or haven’t read it yourself) please take a peek! It’s a 450 page novel on sale for a buck =)

Celebratory Sale


  • 3 more days!! Can’t wait! Well 2 1/2 for me because I’ll be up at midnight so I’ll grab it then.

    • I’m getting excited! I get the download right along with everyone else =)

      The audiobook will be even more exciting, as I think Ryan brings the characters to life in an amazing way. I’ll let you know when I get the files!

  • Nice ranking on Amazon: #5,134 Paid in Kindle Store

    • Thanks! It peaked at #3900 last night, and NSTAW was #1900 a few days back. Hopefully they settle in around 5-6k =)


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