NoMereZombieSampeNo Mere Zombie is live on Amazon! You can purchase the paperback right now, and the eBook is available at midnight. I put it on sale until Sunday to reward the people who’ve been waiting. Hope you guys enjoy!

The eBook is also coming to iTunes and will be live there on Sunday!

Finally! No Mere Zombie is live


  • Congrats from me as well.

    I am about half-way through it. it’s pretty good, but may I suggest one more proofreading round – there are a few niggly typos left (like “lunched” instead of “launched”), some places have red dots or dashes, that sort of thing. It detracts from what is otherwise a very good book.

    Also, there is a strange discussion of .308 being not very useful for close range when they get to Medico Roberto’s camp), which is sort of odd. It’s not the caliber that matters, but the type of rifle (and the type of round). AK-47, for example fires 7.62 mm rounds (i.e., .30 caliber), and nobody would say that an AK-47 without a stock is not useful at close range. (An AK-47 is not terribly useful for LONG range, despite being .30 caliber – in other words, the focus on the caliber is a mistake. You can say that a hunting rifle is not a close-quarters combat weapon, yes. But not because it is a .308, but because it is bolt action.)

    The part about the .460 caliber handgun needs a clarification that it is a semiautomatic. Usually when people mention them, it is a S&W revolver, which is a fairly exotic thing. There are some even more exotic semiautomatics, like those made by Wilson, that fire .460 – but my assumption initially was that it was a revolver. And then I see Jordan talking about a CLIP for the .460, which is obviously nonsense. Until you realize that it must have been a semiautomatic, and not a revolver.

    BTW, a professional (like Jordan) would not call it a “clip”. He would call it a magazine.

    My two cents. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thanks GSB. I’d love to know about any specific typos you find. I put the 2nd book through much more stringent proofing, but no matter how much I do they always seem to slip through. I’m uploading an updated version this afternoon with about a dozen typo fixes, though I’m sure there will be even more.

      • When will the new book be available on audible?

        • Hi, Joe! Ryan is recording the book right now, and should have the proof to me by Sunday. It will take me about a week to listen and get him corrections, after which it’s off to Audible and iTunes. It should be available the 2nd or 3rd week of May. I’ll post more details as I have them.

      • I assume you can word-search the text easily. This is mostly from roughly half-way into the book going forward.

        Referring to .308 rifles: “Although they were incredibly accurate…” I am not sure what “incredibly accurate” means here. Many .308 rifles have sub-MOA accuracy, 0.5-0.3 MOA is probably the lower limit, as a practical matter, but these are special weapons and special ammo (although I doubt some South American police yahoos running around the jungle would have those kinds of rifles – that’s more high end, very expensive sniper gear). 0.75-1 MOA is about typical. Whether that’s “incredibly accurate” is certainly open to debate. Also, since the events at issue take place in the jungle, long range accuracy isn’t much of an issue – even if your rifle is 3 MOA (like the M4), you are not going to miss from 50 feet away.

        “business end of a .308 in their direction” – odd expression. Maybe “business end of a .308 rifle in their direction”?

        “too dark too see” -> too dark to see

        “[the aircraft] was wide enough to hold a tank” – hmm… so this is a C-17? Why does a corporation need such a plane in the first place?

        “The rifle bucked, kicking against his [i.e., Jordan’s] shoulder with incredible force” – I don’t know about this “incredible force”, particularly given that Jordan is a big guy AND a professional soldier… he ought to be used to recoil.

        “armor-like tinfoil” – no dash.

        “in bad Bruce Willis flick” -> “in a bad Bruce Willis flick”

        “nuke them from orbit” – eh… NUKE them?

        “descendent of the people” -> “descendant of the people”

        “stinger missiles” -> “Stinger missiles”. BTW, what use are surface-to-air Stingers against Irakesh? I can see LAW, or TOW missiles, maybe, but Stingers???

        “lier jet” – “Lear Jet”?

        “this time I’ll kill you Steve” – “this time I’ll kill you, Steve”

        “and a shower of sparks” – what sparks? Why are there sparks?

        “down to reveal three stairs” – “down to reveal three steps”?

        “fat black scope affixed to the barrel” – scopes are not affixed to the barrel, certainly not on any modern rifle, such as one Jordan might be using. They are normally mounted on a rail (called a “Picatinny rail”) using mounting rings, above the receiver.

        “a chemical reaction has already started and that thing is going to blow up in the next half hour or so” – eh… ah… what??? instead of an electronic timer, the nuclear weapon is triggered by some sort of a WWI-era chemical reaction timer??? Mohn Corporation might be eccentric, but surely it is not THAT eccentric..?

        Why does Yuri always refer to himself in the third person, by name? I can assure you, it is not a Russian thing.

        “he one of Mothers’ children” – “he was one of Mothers’ children”

        “able to delve them easily enough” – “able to delve into them easily enough”

        “I delved the mind of Isis” – “I delved into the mind of Isis”

  • any word on when the audible relase will be. i continue to check everyday( few times a day).

    • My best guess is first week of June, but we’re really at the mercy of ACX =/

      • Thanks for the quick reply. i cant wait for the audio release. listening to books gets me through my work day. I have always loved werewolf stories, and your take on them is truly awesome. i have been telling people about your novel ( short origin story) and after a little hesitation they have come back raving about how good it was. Thanks again for the quick reponse and keep up the good work

  • I just finally got around to leaving my reviews and ratings on Amazon for “No Such Thing As Werewolves” and “The First Ark”. I am an avid reader and audio book listener and this is actually the first time I have ever been compelled to leave a review.

    I actually happened upon your work by accident as part of a group of Audible recommendations and if I am being honest, those recommendations usually range between okay and not so great, so I was a bit skeptical, but this time they truly hit it out of the park. I really was truly entertained by the story and found the some what irreverent take on a genre that in modern times can attempt to get a bit heavy. Although you did address some social issues, you never forgot that this is a fantasy novel and should be entertaining first and foremost, I honestly laughed out loud at Trevor’s reaction to getting bitten by a zombie at the end of the book. As I said in my review, I liken your work to those of Peter Clines, in his “Ex” series and Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files”.

    My only “issue” so to speak is that I still cannot acquire “No Mere Zombie” on Audible. I have been saving a credit for it for like a month now and I seriously can’t imagine reading it in print after hearing Ryan do such an excellent job giving voice to your characters. Any idea when it will be available for download? Also, do you have a release date for the Solaris Project? I haven’t seen one listed.

    • Thank you so much for leaving reviews, Caleb! I have good news. No Mere Zombie just went live on Audible! I’m listening to the audiobook as we speak =)

      I’ve read Clines, and like the Ex series. I absolutely love Dresden, so as you can imagine both have influenced my writing. I made the tough decision to delay Solaris until November. I’d originally planned to release it in July, but I’ve found fans hate long waits between books. If I wait until November I can release the sequel in December.

      In the meantime I’m cranking out Vampires Don’t Sparkle, which has been an absolute blast to write!


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