RSP was the very first podcast about indie publishing I ever stumbled across. I’ve learned more there than any other single place, and if you’ve read one my books odds are good that never would have happened without RSP.

I was first on the show back in January, and just had my 2nd appearance. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short time. Thank you all so much for the support, and for reading my books. Feel free to check out the interview if you’re so inclined =)


My 2nd interview on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast is up!


  • Just bought your book and app after hearing the RSP interview. First 3 5-minute sprints all came in at 215 words, which is a bit crazy really! I guess that’s my writing speed though, so now to double it! Great book and app.

    • Nice! I’d love to hear how it goes for you as your sprints get longer.

  • I listened to both interviews you did on RSP. I listened to the first one shortly after I found RSP (my first indie author podcast, too) and this one when it came out. Both of your interviews were great. After this one, I bought the book and the app, and both have been so helpful to me. I have done as much as 3600 words per hour in just a five-minute sprint. I think with practice I might be able to maintain that over a longer period. All the other information in your book was very helpful also to build on what I’ve been doing and learning.

    • Great work on the sprint so far! It took me a lot of practice to build up to 30 minutes, but was definitely worth the effort.


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