• Hahaha! The choco taco pic and music made me laugh!

    So, I’m curious. Are you thinking about structure as you write your scenes? For instance Scene and Sequel or anything like that? Or are you just letting what comes to mind flow onto the page? I don’t mean plotting exactly as I can clearly see the way you jump around when you realize you need to insert other ideas when you hit edits. And it seems as if you think of your plot as a whole every day after writing. I mean are you consciously looking at what is the disaster of each scene/chapter? Reaction? Decision? What could be the conflict? Anything like that? Or are you just winging it?

    • Great questions, Diane.

      The first draft is more about plot than anything else. I write a series of beats that will hit all the necessary notes of the story. When I write chapters I make them between 1-3 beats depending on plot needs. Some chapters need to be a little longer.

      Every scene falls into either action or reaction, and I am conscious of the disaster, dilemma, decision constraints. Other than that, I wing it.

      When I edit I look at each scene and ask the hard questions. What need is it serving for the plot? How does it fit the flow of the preceding scene? The next scene?

  • Ha! Terrible feeling, afterwards… that eating something you want, crave, but know is not good for you and you’ll regret eating… But sometimes you gotta do it 😉

    Hang in there, Chris. I’m enjoying watching your process and seeing this develop.

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, and no idea what it is or why it’s happening to me, but the videos won’t play for me on U2B except on my iPad. Other videos are no problem, just these last few of yours, maybe the last 3? Hope no one else is having this issue.

    Oh, and please, more of the acting out your scenes, hehheh.


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