• Can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of book trailers, but I have to say that one is pretty damn good. Makes me think I’m watching a trailer for a new video game.

  • Wow. Who did the trailer? How do we contact her? What did it cost? How long did it take for her to complete? And where are the rest of the marketing videos? Haha.

    • Her name is Mary, and she’s brand new at this. It took her almost eight weeks, though this is far more complex than your average trailer. Everything from the asteroids to the sun were created by her.

      The whole thing ran me about $1,000, but I chose that price (she’d have done it for free since we’re family).

      There is only one more marketing video coming out (in the short term), and that comes out Friday =)

  • That is a truly impressive book trailer. Fantastic.


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