Quite a few astute readers noticed that the release date for Launch to Market kept getting quietly pushed back. Sadly, this wasn’t because the book wasn’t written. It has been.

I’ve been so busy outlining The Great Pack and writing Void Wraith that I didn’t make time to get the book uploaded.

I finally got off my butt and did that, and Amazon made it available like 15 minutes later. Here you go!


Launch to Market is Live


  • Been checking for multiple times a day and snagged it as soon as I saw it live around 1 this afternoon! Can’t wait to check it out.

    • Okay, now I’m terrified. Hopefully it’s useful =p

      • No reason to be terrified. I’m sure, just as with your other books, there will be plenty of helpful information. Marketing has definitely been a mystery to me, so I’d be thrilled to get just one solid nugget out the book. (though I’m sure there will be plenty more than that) You haven’t disappointed me yet, doubt you will this time. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing what you’ve learned along your journey so far.

  • Picked it up earlier today and I’ve been reading it during breaks at work. Good stuff so far. Thanks for writing it.

  • Hi Chris loving the book so far and is certainly been an insight. Bit confused about how to find a self published book on Amazon, you say to look for the Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC or the UK equivalent but what am finding is even the top bestsellers have this such as Harry Potter. So I need some clarification on how to find a self published author. Looking forward to your response. Annette.

    • In some cases books will have two data points here. One is sold by, the other is publisher. A quick look at Harry Potter shows that the publisher is Pottermore.

      An Indie book will usually not have a ‘published by’ at all. If it does, that could be the author’s name. In some cases it’s a tiny publisher the indie has created just for their books. That makes it difficult to identify them as indies.

      Hope that helps a little. The research can be tough. If you need more help feel free to shoot me an email.

  • I’ve got a question on the Chapter 10 exercise. You mention we are to find a book in the top 20 selling more than a year after release. I’ve got that part down, however it’s the final part that is a bit vague. You say to figure out what they’re doing. How? There are no instructions on how to do this.


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