Six Figure Author: Using Data to Sell Books (Write Faster, Write Smarter Book 5)

Sell Books the Smart Way

Five years ago releasing a book as an indie author meant uploading it, then begging everyone you knew to buy it. That method simply doesn’t work anymore. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Amazon has spent billions of dollars over the last decade building the world’s best sales engine. They use machine learning to sell massive piles of books, and that engine is just waiting for you to tap into it. This is the book that will teach you how.

Ready to become a six figure author? You’ll learn:

– Why a sale isn’t just a sale. Who you sell to is more important than how many
– How to find your target audience
– How to train Amazon to sell for you

Pre-order your  copy today: www.amazon.com

Release Date: November 19th, 2016

Six Figure Author: Using Data to Sell Books


  • Hi! This is Christopher from Stockholm, Sweden!

    I really like to purchase the new book down below here, but with Audio Narriation! Is that possible? Perhaps it already comes with that? I loved your other books, 5000 words etc. I got them all and is now up in 950 words per 25 minuets sprints and I love the method! ???

    Let me know further regarding the book.

    Thank you! Regards, Chris

    Enjoy your Day ???

    > 19 Oct 2016 kl. 20:48 skrev Chris Fox Writes : > > >


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