Are you a Star Wars fan? Check out Chris’s article over on SciFiReads.com about his opinions on Star Wars The Last Jedi and how it could have been better!

Lots of people had extreme reactions when they stepped out of the theater after seeing The Last Jedi. Quite a few people loved it, but a greater number absolutely hated it. As you can guess from the title I fall in the second group. I thought The Last Jedi was a tragically squandered opportunity, maybe because it was so close to being good, but utterly missed the mark.

I decided that I could do it better. Yes, I realize how arrogant that sounds, but I encourage you to judge for yourself.

So how would I go about fixing it while making the least amount of changes to the original plot? I wanted to come at this with a light touch, and preserve as much of the existing movies as possible, while still making a film that I would have been true to the universe and the characters.

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What Star Wars The Last Jedi Could Have Been
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  • I loved your Star Wars! I was so disappointed with the film but your changes make so much sense that I think you should send them to the studio.


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