How to Write Authentic Dialogue

How do you write dialogue that makes your characters sound authentic? In this week’s video, Chris discusses four different considerations to think about when writing dialogue — age, education and station, relationship and social setting, and emotional state. Check out the video below for more details about how these considerations can help shape your dialogue.

Quick Tip: 3 Types of Character Flaws

In today’s video, a follow up to last week’s 4 Pillars of Great Characters, Chris discusses 3 types of flaws that characters can have to give them depth. Flaws make characters more relatable and help provide them motivation for their actions. Check out the video below to find out what the types of flaws are…

Quick Tip: 4 Pillars of Great Characters

In today’s quick tip video, Chris talks about the four pillars of great characters. These are the four qualities or characteristics that allow you to create memorable, believable characters. This is a topic that will be covered in his upcoming book, Plot Gardening. Check out the video below to learn about the four pillars!