Curious about how much money you can make as a self published author? In this week’s video, Chris breaks down exactly how much money he makes from his books on various platforms throughout the year, and how much of that money he gets to take home. You’ll also see trends for how well his different types of books do and what effect release date has on sales. Check out the details below:

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2016 Earnings Report
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  • Thank you for being so transparent. I hope to get to these numbers so this is very useful. Would you turning into an S-Corp cut down on the amount of taxes you have to pay? I believe that once you start hitting the six figures it’s better tax wise to be a “corporation” and pay yourself a salary. Here’s an article about it, they’re saying at $200K, but I think you could do it at what you’re earning as well. Also, I’m a huge fan of your Non-Fiction books for authors and have read them all. I’ve incorporated your information from Six-Figure Author and am already seeing benefits. Thanks for all you do!

  • Thank you for posting. I was hoping you had a few ways to reduce your tax hit but when self employed that is hard to do. Perhaps I missed this, how many ebooks books do you have out for sale?

  • Wow, this is like a new year gift from Chris to me! Thanks, Chris.

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  • hi Chris, i was JUST blessed to find you today and am looking forward to reading your books for aspiring authors. thanks for the quick response after i panicked about my free download 5000 Words :~) thanks much for how you share info and CONGRATULATIONS on a great 2016.

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  • Chris thanks so much for sharing your breakdown. Really great information here. Here’s to a successful 2017! ??

  • Just recently purchased your bulk of ‘how to’ books and was impressed so followed you over here!
    Dont forget, in your previous job, taxes would have been deducted from your salary too so sounds like your still in a much better financial position!
    Thanks for sharing!


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