Today’s video is the first in a new series, Quick Tips. The purpose of each video is to give one actionable tip, something you can put into immediate use. Today’s video is essentially what was posted in a previous blog post, Every Word Counts. Check it out in video form below:

Quick Tip: How to Immediately Make Your Writing More Compelling
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  • Liked it. Good quick tip, but something we tend to forget to do.

  • I just signed up on your page, Chris. thank you. I appreciate the quick tip format. I like to be able to carry something away and think about it. Years ago I attended an ongoing series of lectures by the same man, but without a continuing subject. I took copious notes but found I remembered almost nothing and was able to apply nothing. After several months of that, I decided to take, at most, two points and chew on them during the week, until the next lecture. That worked for me. Each week I thought in depth about those one or two points, thereby developing deep understanding of them.


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