Writing: How Fast Is Too Fast?

Does fast writing necessarily mean reduced quality writing? Today’s video addresses that question. Chris says that no, fast writing doesn’t mean poor quality. It depends on the writer and their skills. Experienced authors can write quality work at higher speeds. Check out the video below to hear more of Chris’s thoughts!

50,000 Words in 5 Days

This week Chris took on the difficult challenge of writing 50,000 words for a novel in 5 days. Due to an Amazon preorder deadline looming, Chris is running out of time to finish his next novel. How has the challenge been going? Check out the video below to see his progress and struggles (and cheer…

An Interview With Shaelin Bishop

Chris recently sat down with Shaelin from Shaelin Writes and the Reedsy YouTube channel. In this week’s bonus video, Chris interviewed Shaelin (from the traditional publishing world) about the advantages of pursuing a BFA and possibly an MFA. Check out the video below for the interview as well as Shaelin’s interview with Chris about the…