In this week’s video, Chris talks about how having a backlist of published books can help should you need to take a break from writing. He also discusses his income so far in 2017 and how it has been affected by his backlist. Interested to hear more? Check out the video below!

The Power of Your Backlist
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  • Hi Chris,

    I decided to go all in as a indie fiction author in May this year. I just finished the first draft of my book and am taking some time away from it to write my blurb. Aiming to write a couple more before I launch the series at the end of October. Just wanted to say how useful and motivational your videos are not just because of the quality of the content but how human you are.

    It’s a bit off topic, but I was wondering about Kindle Unlimited and how it relates to building your back list. As we know, KU is good for exposure at the cost of sales going wide. When I launch, I’m considering putting my 2-3 books on KU just so I can start building that list ASAP. I’d imagine the increased visibility of KU would have a flow on effect to the backlist, or am I mistaken? What’s your take?


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