The 15 Day Novel Challenge has begun! This week’s video is a summary of days 1 to 4 of Chris’s 15 Day Novel Challenge. It’s a much longer video than his usual weekly videos, and he goes into depth on his progress for each day of the challenge. Check out the video below to watch Chris write a novel!

You can download the Scrivener files on the Resources page and view the rest of the 15 Day Novel Challenge videos on YouTube.

15 Day Novel Challenge Days 1 to 4
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  • I have not been able to get the scrivener download to work on any of your challenges. I thought the the first two just were not offered after so much time but this current challenge has the same behavior. I enter my email address, the bright orange button fades to a light pastel after I click it, but nothing further happens.

    Is it because I am already on the mailing list?

    • Hi Jacqueline. I’m not sure which link you’re using to download the Scrivener files, but you can get them all on the Resources page.


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