Chris recently appeared on the Building Dystopia podcast, discussing worldbuilding. The questions covered include the following:

  • Would you take us through your personal worldbuilding process, perhaps highlighting what you believe are the most important elements of worldbuilding?
  • What elements of the world contribute most to it becoming a transmedia world? What is it about a world that attracts other mediums and stories?
  • What is it about a world that encourages fan engagement, fan fiction, con participation, etc..?
  • What are your favorite transmedia worlds, and what is it about these worlds that make them appealing to transmedia expansion?
  • You are famous for preaching the gospel of write quickly and write for the market. Can I just recommend to our audience a few of your books, including “5K words per hour” (I still use your app) and “Write to Market”? You’d find a lot of Tolkien fans frothing at the mouth with the thought that you could create a new world for a novel, and write the novel, within 21 days as you have done in past video series. What special considerations, or perhaps compromises, have to be made when worldbuilding so quickly?
  • How do you think the author’s who are self-published approach worldbuilding differently from traditionally published authors? Do commercial considerations impact worldbuilding decisions, if so, how?
  • What do you believe is the author’s role in the expansion of a successful transmedia world?
  • What kind of ownership do you believe an author has of the world if it becomes successful enough to be expanded upon in the fan-fiction world?
  • How do you feel about worldbuilding outside of the sci-fi/fantasy genre? Do you believe it’s an important consideration for authors in other genres or other mediums?
  • Do you have any other advice for transmedia worldbuilders?

Listen: Building Dystopia Episode Six! Worldbuilding With Chris Fox

Worldbuilding With Chris Fox on the Building Dystopia Podcast
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