Mailing Lists for Authors Part 2: Starting a Re-Engagement Campaign

Today’s video is the second part in a series on mailing lists for authors. In it, Chris talks about how to start a re-engagement campaign with your mailing lists. What is a re-engagement campaign? Over time, people who have signed up to your mailing lists may lose interest and stop reading the emails. A re-engagement campaign is an effort to either remove people who are no longer reading or to preferably get them re-engaged in your content. Check out the video below for more details!

Cover Design for Non-Designers

In today’s video, Chris gives some tips for how to design a book cover that will sell books, including three rules he follows when getting the cover made. He also shows how he makes mockups of his covers to give to artists, and some of the steps he takes to refine his artwork with the cover artist. Watch the video below to see more!

Plot Gardening Released on Audiobook

Chris’s latest book for writers, Plot Gardening, has been released on Audible!

Plot Gardening AudiobookLearn to plot without sacrificing creativity

What separates great novels from mediocre ones? Story. Authors that master this vital skill keep their readers and listeners up at night, and suffer the deluge of ‘when is the next book coming out’ emails.

Whether you are a first-time novelist, or a seasoned author, Plot Gardening will teach you the fundamentals of storytelling, delivered in a practical way. Through exercises at the end of each chapter you will build your own outline, and you’ll do it without sacrificing the creativity that is so vital to telling great stories.

From this audiobook you’ll learn:

  • The basics of story structure, and how it is used
  • How and why worldbuilding is important, and how to do your own worldbuilding
  • The components of great characters, and how you can bring yours to life
  • How to create a living outline that will change and adapt as your characters come to life

Listen now on Audible!

Chris Fox on the WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast

Chris recently appeared on the WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast. Kitty Bucholtz, of the WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast interviewed Chris about his recent non-fiction book, Plot Gardening.

In today’s episode, Chris explains how his new book, Plot Gardening, will help you get started on a new book or series idea in a way that helps you dig deeper to write better stories. It works for both plotters and pantsers (those who write by the seat of their pants), and it can help writers think more creatively to come up with a signature series that really draws people in.

Watch the interview on YouTube or listen to the audio on the WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast website.

All Six Void Wraith Novels on Sale for 99 Cents Each!

Two Trilogies. One Great Story. Incredible Audio.

DestroyerMankind’s outer colonies are disappearing. Without warning. Without a trace. Fleet command chalks the attacks up to pirates, but Captain Dryker of the UFC Johnston isn’t buying it.

Defying command, he leads his misfit crew into hostile territory in search of answers. They encounter the mythical Void Wraith, an unstoppable legend whispered by the first race. After 26,000 years the Void Wraith have returned to begin the next Eradication. Their technology is superior, their motives unclear.

Humanity cannot stop them. Not without help. Captain Dryker’s only hope is to forge an alliance with mankind’s greatest enemy, the savage Tigris.

One maverick captain, an unlikely crew, and an aging vessel are all that stand between humanity and the Eradication.

“It’s like Battlestar Galactica and Mass Effect had a baby, and that baby was raised by Starcraft. I read this book in one sitting, and immediately looked for the next.”- The author’s totally biased friend.

All six Void Wraith books are on sale for 99 cents each through May 31st on Amazon! If you haven’t already picked up all six, now is a great chance to do so!

Quick Tips: 3 Rules to Writing an Effective Reader Magnet

In this week’s video, Chris gives three rules for writing an effective reader magnet. What is a “reader magnet”? It’s a piece of writing that you give away for free in exchange for readers signing up for your mailing list. The reader magnet should be relevant to your other works, and Chris talks about how to write a reader magnet that readers will want to read. Check out the rules in the video below!