2017 Income Report

In today’s video, Chris talks about his income for 2017 and breaks down where the numbers come from. Curious to see where a self published author’s income comes from? Check out the video to see an analysis of last year, including graphs for individual months and why numbers go up and down. Chris also talks about his costs and trying to balance work and his own sanity. Watch below for more!

How to Plot a Novel From Scratch Part 2

As a follow up to last week, in this week’s video Chris continues giving tips on how to plot a novel from scratch. Taking his novel idea from last week, World of Cliche, Chris fleshes out his ideas a bit, creating a few characters, a setting for the novel and more details about how the trope system works. Follow along with Chris in the video below!

How to Plot a Novel From Scratch, Part 1

In this week’s video, Chris takes a look at how to plot a novel from scratch. He starts with an idea he has for a novel (World of Cliche) and goes over his process on how to start plotting out an idea. If you’re having trouble starting to plot your novel, take a look at the video for more details and stay tuned for further videos that continue this concept!

How I Write 7000 Words in a Day

In this week’s video, Chris talks about how he has been writing 7000 words a day and how he does it. He explains how he struggles with juggling outlining and aggressive writing goals every day. Chris also gives an update on how the writing for Magitech Chronicles Book 3, Spellship, is going. Check out the video below (new new logo!) for more!

Void Wyrm: Magitech Chronicles Book 2 Released on Amazon!

The second book in the Magitech Chronicles series has been released on Amazon! Continue the story into the Umbral Depths and discover the secrets to Aran’s past!

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Tech Mage, Chris has put it on sale for only 99 cents for the next few days. Get Tech Mage now on Amazon!

Void Wyrm

A Suicidal Quest Into the Umbral Depths

Major Voria stands ready to accept the cost for her actions at Marid. Stripped of command and resources, Voria must find a ship and rally a crew. Somewhere within the Umbral Depths lays a hidden world, a world that the dead god Marid intended her to find.

Aran faces a choice. Halt his war mage training, and in the process give up clues to his past, or abandon Voria. Aran sacrifices everything to follow Voria on a suicidal quest into the one place where even gods fear to tread.

On a bleak world in the deepest darkness lays an object of enormous power, one that could turn the tide of the war against Krox. But Voria isn’t the only one seeking the weapon. The great Void Wyrm Khalahk has vowed to hunt Voria, and will see her dead even if it means following her into the Umbral Depths themselves.

All while the dreadlord Nebiat makes herself at home on Shaya, binding the souls of its leaders.

Read Void Wyrm now on Amazon!

SFFMP 156: Finding Success with a Cross-Genre Book Launch with Chris Fox

This week Chris was interviewed on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast about the launch of his newest novel, Tech Mage.

Here’s some of what we covered:

  • What made Chris, the Write to Market guy, decide to take on a new cross-genre series that he wasn’t positive would sell well.
  • How you choose what to emphasize on the cover when your novel crosses multiple genres and could fit in a number of categories.
  • How Chris quietly put up a pre-order without mentioning it to fans, then used Facebook ads to see which ads and tag lines on the product page resulted in the highest conversion.
  • Choosing different audiences to target (via Facebook ads) for subsequent launches in a cross-genre series.
  • Whether anything different needs to be done with a launch for a book that spans multiple genres and isn’t necessarily written to market.
  • Advice for newer authors who don’t have a list already built that they can rely upon for early sales.
  • Keeping cover design simple, and whether it matters if you have a specific scene from the book illustrated for it.
  • For the first time, Chris registered a domain name and put up a lot of bonus content for his new series: https://www.magitechchronicles.com/
  • Why Chris plans to write ten books in this series rather than sticking to trilogies or smaller series as he’s often done in the past.
  • Who should consider relaunching a series.
  • Why Chris likes omnibuses as a way to kickstart a flagging series without redoing covers on all the original books.

Watch the podcast below or on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast website: