The Power of NO

Everyone has problems juggling their time at some point or another. In today’s video, Chris talks about his struggle to do so as an author. How do you balance being productive with not being so productive that you burn yourself out? For Chris, part of this is saying NO. Watch the video below to hear his thoughts!

Four Horsemen Anthology: Hope Is Not a Strategy

Hope Is Not a Strategy is a new anthology in the Four Horsemen universe, and it features a short story by Chris, entitled Without a Shot.

Hope Is Not a Strategy

Fifteen of the best Indie authors. Fifteen extraordinary stories. One bestselling universe.

It’s the Twenty-Second Century. The galaxy has opened up to humanity as a hyperactive beehive of stargates and new technologies, and we suddenly find ourselves in a vast playground of different races, environments, and cultures. There’s just one catch: we are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain, and there’s only one way for humanity to move up—by becoming mercenaries.

In every mercenary’s life, though, there comes a time when things go wrong and even the best laid plans go awry. When they do, though, the best mercs fall back and work out new plans, and you can bet on one thing—hope is not their strategy. Whether you’re a kid looking to get off your planet, or an unarmed merc facing an overwhelming force, or even the sole survivor of a pirate attack, there’s always an edge—and it’s up to the merc to find and exploit it!

Edited by bestselling authors and universe creators Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey, “Hope is Not a Strategy” includes all-new stories in the Four Horsemen universe by some of the bestselling Indie authors currently in the business. These authors take on various aspects of the universe, giving you additional insight into a galaxy that isn’t at war…but definitely isn’t at peace. There’s only one thing for sure in the 4HU—anything’s possible…for a fistful of credits!

Inside, you’ll find:
Preface by Chris Kennedy
Golden Ticket by Jonathan P. Brazee
The Tide Changes by Craig Martelle
Something You Are Not by Kevin Steverson
Hijacked! by Terry Mixon
The Wagner Method by Josh Hayes
Paying the Price by Scott Moon
Without a Shot by Chris Fox
Raid by Mark Wandrey
Second Chances by Kevin McLaughlin
The Problem of the Qualis by Brian Niemeier
Eye on the Prize by Nathan Hystad
Earworm by Robert E. Hampson
A Guilded Affair by Chris Kennedy
Sunset by A.K. DuBoff
Survivor by Kacey Ezell

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Krox Rises Released on Audiobook!

The fifth book in the Magitech Chronicles, Krox Rises, has been released on Audible!

Krox Rises AudiobookThe Godswar has come again.

Nebiat has seized godhood, and now controls Krox, the most powerful elder god in the sector. Both Ternus and Shaya know she is coming, but their preparations cannot save them. She launches a strike at Ternus that cripples their home world, and shatters their fleets.

Voria desperately struggles to find a way to raise Shaya, or to rise as a goddess herself. She will do anything to oppose Nebiat, but fears it will not be enough.

Aran must confront the awful truth about the Skull of Xal, and make a deal with demons in order to gain the strength they so desperately need to overcome Krox.

And Nara must face the most awful choice of all. Will she murder the woman she most respects, or let the sector burn?

Possibilities narrow. Krox rises. Shaya will fall.

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What Star Wars The Last Jedi Could Have Been

Are you a Star Wars fan? Check out Chris’s article over on SciFiReads.com about his opinions on Star Wars The Last Jedi and how it could have been better!

Lots of people had extreme reactions when they stepped out of the theater after seeing The Last Jedi. Quite a few people loved it, but a greater number absolutely hated it. As you can guess from the title I fall in the second group. I thought The Last Jedi was a tragically squandered opportunity, maybe because it was so close to being good, but utterly missed the mark.

I decided that I could do it better. Yes, I realize how arrogant that sounds, but I encourage you to judge for yourself.

So how would I go about fixing it while making the least amount of changes to the original plot? I wanted to come at this with a light touch, and preserve as much of the existing movies as possible, while still making a film that I would have been true to the universe and the characters.

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