The Creative Penn Podcast – Plot Gardening With Chris Fox

Chris was recently interviewed on The Creative Penn podcast about his most recent book for authors, Plot Gardening. Here are the show notes on the topics covered in the interview:

  • On the impetus to write a book about craft
  • On the development of writing craft over time
  • Using the gardening metaphor in relation to both storytelling and author backlists
  • Tips for writing conflict that is rooted in story and interesting to readers
  • On the different types of conflict that can add depth to a story
  • Thinking like a reader when you’re plotting
  • Balancing world-building with writing fast
  • On the recent changes in Amazon discoverability
  • Protecting our future as writers

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript on The Creative Penn!

15 Day Novel Challenge Days 1 to 4

The 15 Day Novel Challenge has begun! This week’s video is a summary of days 1 to 4 of Chris’s 15 Day Novel Challenge. It’s a much longer video than his usual weekly videos, and he goes into depth on his progress for each day of the challenge. Check out the video below to watch Chris write a novel!

You can download the Scrivener files on the Resources page and view the rest of the 15 Day Novel Challenge videos on YouTube.

War Mage Released on Audiobook!

The fourth book in the Magitech Chronicles, War Mage, has been released on Audible!

War Mage AudiobookThe Krox have finally reached their end game, and the sector will never be the same. Their relentless fleet darkens the skies of New Texas, home of the fabled Ternus shipyards. Their only hope lies with their sworn allies, the Shayans. But the Shayans refuse to help.

Only Aran and his company can keep their leadership alive long enough for Voria to bring reinforcements and the fabled Spellship. If they fail, the entire world burns, and Ternus morale will collapse with it.

But the war is merely a smokescreen for something much more sinister. Teodros, Guardian of Krox, plans to use the distraction to resurrect his dark father. If he is not stopped, Krox will live again.

Behind it all Talifax schemes, and Nara will pay the price.

Listen now on Audible!