New video in the Write to Market series, Finding a Hungry Genre

In this video, Chris shows you how to research “hungry” genres on Amazon to maximize your book’s rankings and reach on Amazon! Subscribe to the Chris Fox YouTube Channel, new videos released weekly!

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Write to Market: Finding a Hungry Genre
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  • Great video, Chris. It really shows the importance of where to categorize your book. Do you have any idea what the sales numbers (daily) are for let’s say military sci-fi? How many books does the number one spot sell compared to number 100?

    • Unfortunately, the numbers are really subjective ever since Kindle Unlimited was introduced. We don’t know how many people borrow and never read, so it’s difficult for me to get a sense of how many ‘sales’ I get a day.

      I can say that at #1 in MSF I was selling 250 copies a day and having about 30,000 page reads. At #1 in Authorship I was selling about 75 copies a day, with no pages read since I wasn’t in KU.

  • If I’m understanding correctly (and I’ve read WTM, lurked on Kboards, etc., and I’m still not quite able to fully process), you need both “hot” and “hungry” (yeah, I know that sounds like something found in the kindle adult dungeon, LOL). You need a hungry market with few books, but one that is also beginning to trend hot. I’m struggling with figuring out the hot part of hungry. Short of stumbling on one, do you have any insights on finding a sweet-spot category?

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