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In the third video from the Write to Market video series, Chris tackles the topic Risk Versus Reward. He shows risks he’s taken in categorizing his books and reviews his current earnings for his fiction and nonfiction books. By popular demand, Chris answers some of your burning questions! Subscribe for weekly videos from Chris.

Write to Market: Risk Versus Reward  http://bit.ly/1UdNh6o


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Write to Market: Risk Versus Reward
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  • Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this video and I’ve just read Write to Market as well. I think your advice about finding hungry markets makes a lot of sense, but I’m struggling with one aspect of it and hoped maybe you could help me get it cleared up. You suggest that genres with high ranking books deep into the top one hundred are highly competitive and difficult to gain traction in. I agree that it would be hard to get to page one of the search results in a genre like this, but if even the hundredth bestseller is ranked under 5,000, as is the case in various romance genres, doesn’t that suggest that even books that never get near the first page of results are still selling like crazy, and that it might actually be easier to sell books in such a genre?

    • If you can get past all the competition, sure. That can be really difficult to do with no (or a very small) platform. How do you stand out from the hundreds of other books that a reader could read? Find the answer, and the money is definitely there.


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