Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula podcast recently interviewed Chris about his book Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist. He explains how to get more sales by relaunching the books in your backlist. Listen to the podcast for more info!

You write a book. It sells. You’re pleased. But every time you repeat the process it feels like your previous books with their dwindling sales are just left to die on the vine.

It doesn’t have to this way.

This week’s guest is self publishing wiz Chris Fox, and he is here to reveal how he’s injected life into the performance of his back catalogue – and explains how you could do the same.

The SPF podcast is all about value-added so expect discussion on other insights from Chris on the world of self publishing from an author’s perspective.

SPF 83: Breathing Life Into Your Backlist with Chris Fox
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