In today’s video, Chris talks about his secret to success. Spoilers: it’s consistent action. Chris’s goal is one craft improvement and one marketing improvement every day. All of these actions add up, and though there is no single trick that will lead you to success, it’s the culmination of a thousand tiny actions that will. Watch the video below to hear more!

Motivation: The Ugly Secret to Success
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  • This tab was open in one of my Chrome tabs when I sat down to start working today. It’s Sunday, so I don’t hold myself to the same rigorous schedule that I normally do and decided I would watch the video. I’ve been binging on your nonfiction titles and some of your video series lately. After several weeks of reading and watching your books and videos, I feel like I’m starting to see results from what I’ve learned from you. I’ve got it on my to-do list to send you an email thanking you, but I want to take my time with that because I want to be clear and concise. I haven’t watched any of your “motivation” videos before, though I’ve heard you mention them. This video was the perfect introduction to your motivation videos, and I’m going to plan on watching one every day before I start my writing. Thanks, Chris. You rock, brother!


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