Chris was recently interviewed on the Author Like a Boss podcast, a podcast for indie authors wanting to learn book marketing, self publish their books, and make a living with their writing. The topics touched on in this episode with Chris include:

  • How much readers care about who publishes the stories
  • Why women writers are doing so well as indie author
  • How you can make money by writing to market AND writing what you love
  • How to write what you love, and market it to what people will buy
  • How to build on your cover image, title, and blurb so that people want to buy your book
  • His book where he teaches you how to write 5,000 words per hour
  • How he mixed writing as a pantser and a plotter to be the most creative and efficient
  • Dan Harmon’s story circle
  • What passive marketing is, and why it’s so important to your author success
  • What percentage of mistakes he still makes, and how he learns from them
  • How often he sends newsletters and what he sends in his newsletter
  • How he builds his newsletter subscribers
  • The actual challenges and stresses of being a full-time author
  • His best advice for indie authors who want to be successful

Check out the Author Like a Boss podcast on iTunes!

How to Really Make it as an Indie Author With Chris Fox
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