• I believe this affirmation technique works. Back in 2006 my husband and I were living in Fresno after the dot com crash. I was miserable and missing the bay area and the tech field and basically everything that Fresno is not. We started saying to ourselves and each other that we would be living in Sonoma County, owning a house and enjoying life. In less than a month, we managed to find jobs in Sonoma County and moved. In 2010, we purchased our first house.

    I did the same thing when I believed myself into getting published. I guess I never thought about telling the universe I actually wanted to make money writing. 😉

    Word of caution however…the universe listens and sometimes the way to our goal isn’t always what we expected. I ‘lost’ my job in 2014, but after some belt tightening, realized that I really could write full time or at least more than just in the evenings. I just didn’t expect it would take being thrust out of that comfortable, yet
    soul-crushing job to achieve my dream, but it worked.


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