• Chris,

    I’m new to following you, and I love your videos, thanks. What happened to the closed caption (CC) feature that appears in your earlier videos? It stopped being included after the Why You Probably Shouldn’t Be Advertising video. My understanding is this is a free option that can be included in the YouTube settings. Please add this back in!


    • Hi, this is Chris’s wife, Lisa, here. Glad to hear you are enjoying Chris’s videos!

      I’ve been looking into the issue with captions on the recent videos. YouTube used to add these automatically, and I haven’t yet been able to figure out why they stopped being automatic. YouTube also changes its editing interface quite frequently, so online help for automatic captions is almost always out of date. I’ll keep looking for a solution though. I understand that captions are essential for some viewers!

      • Hi, Lisa,

        I see that the captions are back on the My Bert-Sized Launch video! Thank you so much! Much appreciated and noted!


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