This week Chris took on the difficult challenge of writing 50,000 words for a novel in 5 days. Due to an Amazon preorder deadline looming, Chris is running out of time to finish his next novel. How has the challenge been going? Check out the video below to see his progress and struggles (and cheer him on!).

50,000 Words in 5 Days
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  • Chris- I want to thank you for your 5KWPH book. I have been “writing” a spiritual book for more than 5 years- a lot more than 5 years. I’ve been lucky to get 250-500 WPD for the past 3 months since I “got serious” about getting it done. I listened to your book and in the past 2 days my WPD has been 1303 and WPH 3909 (with 20 min sprints). I expect to increase my WPD/WPH to 1500/>5000 in the next days as I get more experienced with the process. One of the secrets for me is “prepping” what I will write about during brief gaps during my work day- typically 12+ hours. This is going to be a short book- 100-120 pages ~30,000 words. I started your process with ~12000 words—so I expect to finish the first draft before my goal of June 30th.

    Thanks again,
    OBTW I appreciate and applaud your transformation through the classics of Self-Help. I have been doing self-help stuff since 1971. After multiple careers, a BS, MD, MPH, PsyD, and more, I make no apologies for using the self-help principles. I use them every day and they only grow in richness and applicability to my life and the lives of those I have dedicated myself to.
    Dr Jim


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