What is intrinsic motivation? Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from within yourself, without need for an external reward or motivation. It’s something that gives you joy just by doing it. In today’s video, Chris talks about the importance of finding your intrinsic motivation for your writing as well as for other aspects of your life. Check out the video below for more details!

Find Your Intrinsic Motivation
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  • Very interesting video. I’ve been struggling to move forward with some projects and I typically try to line up extrinsic motivations to force myself forward.

    This is good advice that I might be poisoning myself long term (I sure don’t want to end up hating the projects!) and that doing some soul searching for more intrinsic motivation might be a better path forward…


  • Thanks Chris – this was what I needed to hear today. In trying to get a non-fiction semi-academic book done, I’ve ground to a halt and lost all motivation. This has given me some new ideas to spark my love of writing again!


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