Chris Fox recently appeared on the Novel Marketing Podcast discussing his new Kickstarter for the Magitech Chronicles Pen & Paper RPG.

Is there a market for your book idea?

Maybe you a great idea and a market to sell to, but you don’t have funding to make your dream happen?

If those are obstacles for you, crowdfunding could be a great solution.

Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are grounded in solid marketing psychology fundamentals like Urgency, Scarcity, and Popularity (Social Proof). Many authors have successfully funded and published their books with the help of crowdfunding campaigns.

To teach us about crowdfunding, I interviewed Chris Fox. He’s written several popular books, including Write to Market and How to Write 5000 Words Per Hour.

Listen to the Podcast now!

Novel Marketing Podcast: Kickstarter Tips and Tricks With Chris Fox
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