Novel Marketing Podcast – How to Writes 5000 Words an Hour With Chris Fox

This week, Chris once again appeared as a guest on the Novel Marketing Podcast. This time the topic was how to write 5,000 words per hour, which is the title of one of his books. Here are some of the questions/topics covered in the interview:

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Two New Videos: 3 Tips For Dealing with Criticism and Profitably Adding Subscribers to Your List

This week, Chris added not one, but two new videos! The first is a motivational video, in which Chris describes three tips for dealing with criticism. Authors naturally encounter criticism, and coping with criticism can be difficult. Chris goes over his tips for how to deal with it. Check out the video below for the details!

The second video is part 4 in the series on mailing lists. In it, Chris talks about how to profitably add subscribers to your mailing list. Generally, keeping a mailing list costs money, and if you’re spending more money than having the list is making you, it’s not helping you. Chris discusses an experiment he’s running — an ad-driven campaign to generate mailing list signups for his Void Wraith Saga. Check out the video to see how Chris does it!

Novel Marketing Podcast – How to Write to Market With Chris Fox

Chris recently appeared as a guest on the Novel Marketing Podcast, discussing how to write to market. Here are some of the questions covered in the interview:

  • What does it mean to write to market?
  • Why would authors want to write to market?
  • What about the selling out question?
  • What mistakes do authors make when writing to market?
    1. The key is to deliver a similar emotional experience
    2. Example: The Hunger Games and the Divergent series
  • How do you write to market?
  • What is a hot category?
  • What is a hungry category?
  • What about the switching genre question?
  • How do we find out how popular a genre is?
  • What are some quick tips?
  • Why should people buy your book Write to Market?

Listen to the interview now on the Novel Marketing Podcast!

War Mage: Magitech Chronicles Book 4 Released on Amazon!

Book 4 in the Magitech Chronicles has been released on Amazon! Continue reading the adventures of Voria, Aran, Nara, and Crewes, as they fight against the Krox in the newest installation!

War Mage

The Krox have finally reached their end game, and the sector will never be the same. Their relentless fleet darkens the skies of New Texas, home of the fabled Ternus shipyards. Their only hope lies with their sworn allies, the Shayans. But the Shayans refuse to help.

Only Aran and his company can keep their leadership alive long enough for Voria to bring reinforcements and the fabled First Spellship. If they fail, the entire world burns, and Ternus morale will collapse with it.

But the entire war is merely a smokescreen for something much more sinister. Teodros, Guardian of Krox, plans to use the distraction to resurrect his dark father. If he is not stopped, Krox will live again.

Behind it all Talifax schemes, and Nara will pay the price.

Read War Mage now on Amazon!

The Creative Gap

In today’s motivational video, Chris talks about what he calls the “creative gap.” The creative gap is the gap between what a creative person sees in their head versus what comes out when they try to create something. How do you narrow that gap to produce better work? It mainly comes down to practice and perseverance. Check out the video below to hear what Chris has to say about it!

How to Really Make it as an Indie Author With Chris Fox

Chris was recently interviewed on the Author Like a Boss podcast, a podcast for indie authors wanting to learn book marketing, self publish their books, and make a living with their writing. The topics touched on in this episode with Chris include:

  • How much readers care about who publishes the stories
  • Why women writers are doing so well as indie author
  • How you can make money by writing to market AND writing what you love
  • How to write what you love, and market it to what people will buy
  • How to build on your cover image, title, and blurb so that people want to buy your book
  • His book where he teaches you how to write 5,000 words per hour
  • How he mixed writing as a pantser and a plotter to be the most creative and efficient
  • Dan Harmon’s story circle
  • What passive marketing is, and why it’s so important to your author success
  • What percentage of mistakes he still makes, and how he learns from them
  • How often he sends newsletters and what he sends in his newsletter
  • How he builds his newsletter subscribers
  • The actual challenges and stresses of being a full-time author
  • His best advice for indie authors who want to be successful

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Mailing Lists for Authors Part 2: Starting a Re-Engagement Campaign

Today’s video is the second part in a series on mailing lists for authors. In it, Chris talks about how to start a re-engagement campaign with your mailing lists. What is a re-engagement campaign? Over time, people who have signed up to your mailing lists may lose interest and stop reading the emails. A re-engagement campaign is an effort to either remove people who are no longer reading or to preferably get them re-engaged in your content. Check out the video below for more details!