What is mind mapping and how can it help me?

Writing and publishing a novel can be a daunting task. In this latest video, Chris explains how the mind mapping technique can be used to break down this large task into smaller, more achievable steps, resulting in increased productivity. Check out the video to see exactly how this works!

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Mind Mapping for Authors
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  • I really like this concept. I especially like the idea of knocking out one thing on the list every day and after a mother there’s 30 things done. I played around a tiny bit with Scapple from the people that make Scrivener. I used it for some plotting and some world building. The nice thing is that it easily integrated into Scrivener.

    Thanks Chris

  • Thanks for the great idea! I used to use mind maps for organizing research papers. I never thought to use it as a productivity tool.

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  • Ah hah – a fellow potential process nerd 🙂 You could also check out Mindmeister which exports directly into Meistertask where this process nerd is developing a bunch of reusable templates. I found watching your set-up useful so let me know if you want to check out my set-up you might find it useful as a reference.


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