In today’s video, Chris talks about how distractions can take away from your focus and how to prevent this from happening. He did a month long experiment where he withdrew from social media and other distractions, only checking email once a week and not checking sales numbers at all. Chris focused on planning projects and recharging. It’s easy to guess how this helped his focus overall. Check out the details in the video!

Protect Your Focus
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  • I’m super interested Uncle Tris. I’ve been watching your videos, been thinking a lot about getting into writing and fell on to your page.. your videos are very interesting!

    • Jenney! It’s so weird to think of people I know watching the videos. Anyway if you’re thinking about writing now is a great time. It’s a shit ton of work, but it’s pretty rewarding.

  • Hey man,
    I’m loving your stuff! Just discovered you yesterday and can’t wait to gobble everything up (including the fiction! Sounds fun!) Listening to 5Kwph right now. I got over a 1,000 word s done in 30 min today! That’s really good for me. I feel like I’d be fine, better even, just sticking to 5 min sprints forever.

    I’m really excited to get to the dictation part bc I know if I can get the hang of it my word count will go way up. I’m already questioning my desire to get a Mac instead of a PC as it sounds like Dragon just goes better with windows but I want to run final cut so I’m torn. If you have any input I’d be much obliged. Thanks again Chris!


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