Chris recently appeared as a guest on the Novel Marketing Podcast, discussing how to write to market. Here are some of the questions covered in the interview:

  • What does it mean to write to market?
  • Why would authors want to write to market?
  • What about the selling out question?
  • What mistakes do authors make when writing to market?
    1. The key is to deliver a similar emotional experience
    2. Example: The Hunger Games and the Divergent series
  • How do you write to market?
  • What is a hot category?
  • What is a hungry category?
  • What about the switching genre question?
  • How do we find out how popular a genre is?
  • What are some quick tips?
  • Why should people buy your book Write to Market?

Listen to the interview now on the Novel Marketing Podcast!

Novel Marketing Podcast – How to Write to Market With Chris Fox
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