This week, Chris added not one, but two new videos! The first is a motivational video, in which Chris describes three tips for dealing with criticism. Authors naturally encounter criticism, and coping with criticism can be difficult. Chris goes over his tips for how to deal with it. Check out the video below for the details!

The second video is part 4 in the series on mailing lists. In it, Chris talks about how to profitably add subscribers to your mailing list. Generally, keeping a mailing list costs money, and if you’re spending more money than having the list is making you, it’s not helping you. Chris discusses an experiment he’s running — an ad-driven campaign to generate mailing list signups for his Void Wraith Saga. Check out the video to see how Chris does it!

Two New Videos: 3 Tips For Dealing with Criticism and Profitably Adding Subscribers to Your List
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